Explore the capabilities of Sawtooth Caverns.

Sawtooth’s underground salt cavern storage facility, located near Delta UT, is connected to key logistics infrastructure including the Union Pacific Railroad, and interstate highway system. Additionally, we are in close proximity to the UNEV Refined Products pipeline. 


Sawtooth’s facilities are actively loading, off-loading, and storing customers NGL products. Our railcar storage capacity is 280 railcars, and we have 28 offload and loading spots.  We can efficiently load 100 railcars in under 24-hours. Sawtooth’s rail facilities were also designed to accommodate growth with room to expand thereby increasing our railcar capacity.

Our NGL products facilities receive trucks from the adjacent interstate highway system. We offer four (4)  truck loading lanes, and six (6) off-loading lanes.  Additionally, our in-line propane dehydration system insures all product loaded at our facility meets moisture specifications.

Refined Products and Feedstocks 

We are actively expanding our facilities in order to enable our customers to meet their future storage needs for Refined Products and Feedstocks. 

Sawtooth will accommodate the loading and off-loading of trucks containing Refined Products and Feedstocks as well.

Strategically located 3 miles from the UNEV pipeline, which provides our customers options to leverage pipeline access to regional markets.

Product Storage Capacities

Sawtooth’s underground salt cavern storage facility is the largest of its kind in the Western United States. At this point in time, we offer storage capacities of up to 6.5M barrels, or 273M gallons, of total storage capacity in five (5) purpose-built caverns. Our terminal has the ability to expand significantly to meet the future needs of our customers.

Brine Ponds

We manage our facilities using two 140-acre brine ponds, with 3.4B gallons of total capacity. This brine is used to regulate cavern volumes, and move the products stored within our caverns.

Testing Lab

Sawtooth utilizes state-of-the-art, on-site lab capabilities for our customers to ensure safe, and reliable transfer of products while they are being stored within our caverns.

  • GC7890B/FID I, II (Determination of Hydrocarbons in Liquefied Petroleum Gases and Propane/Propene Mixtures by Gas Chromatography)

  • Water Bath (Copper Strip Corrosion by Liquefied Petroleum Gases)

  • Freeze Valve (Standard Test Method for Dryness of Propane)

  • PAC/MultiTek Accura (Determination of Total Volatile Sulfur in Liquefied Petroleum Gases by Ultraviolet Fluorescence)

  • Pressure Hydrometer (Specific Gravity of light Hydrocarbons by Pressure Hydrometer)

  • Diablo EZ Software (Calculated Vapor pressure and Specific Gravity)

  • Portable GE PM880 Hygrometer (Determines and calculates water saturation levels in LPG)

  • Stationary GE Moisture I.Q. (Determines and calculates water saturation levels in LPG)

  • CIC (Determination of Total Fluorine in Liquefied Petroleum Gases by Oxidative Pyrohydrolytic Combustion Followed by Ion Chromatography Detection)